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Passion Project is a searchable resource database that connects students to other people, projects, events and resources on campus to allow them to follow their dreams and implement their learning for a real life project.

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Connect to people, places and tools across campus based on tagged interests.


Find events on campus created by students, the school, faculty or staff for opportunities to learn and collaborate.


See all things you're working on by yourself, with other students through the app, and completed projects in one place.


Look through people, projects, and ideas that haven’t been worked. This connects people to people around campus to allow them to make their dreams a reality.

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About the Team

Abigail Flint

Abigail has design experience and public relations experience. She has enabled us to create an application that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Felipe Gomez

Felipe's experience in management for existing companies has allowed him to gain experience in different markets and know what resources different types of people will need.

Emily Sharp

Emily has experience in management and development which will allow the application to be bug free and completely user friendly.

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